Educational Philosophy

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Educational Philosophy Statement

For education to be meaningful, it must be based upon truth. Carolina Christian Academy believes that all truth is God’s Truth and His Truth is revealed through the Bible, which is infallible and is the standard for living a successful life. Only by recognizing God as the Creator, Designer, and Organizer of the universe can a proper understanding and mastery of facts and knowledge be possible.

Carolina Christian Academy believes that Christian education is a process in which teaching and learning are conducted and directed through developmentally appropriate activities by Christian teachers who believe His Word has the highest authority and who strive to bring all knowledge into a living relation with His Truth.

Carolina Christian Academy functions in a complementary role with the Christian home to provide in an educational setting, opportunities which integrate and nurture each student’s spiritual, academic, social, physical, and emotional development.

Carolina Christian Academy desires to produce individuals who are capable of being productive members of society, contributing members within the body of Christ, and reflecting a Christian worldview.